Salomon & Suunto Running Team
Salomon & Suunto Running Team

Salomon & Suunto Running Team

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Our running community is one of the biggest in the world. Running is in our DNA and it is our time to play. We also mind the players of our community and want to run for those who can’t. This is why Salomon & Suunto are teaming up!
Become a part of our Salomon & Suunto Running Team of ambassadors, employees, friends and runners! We all run because we love it - join us and share your passion.


We are happy to announce a new members in our Running Team! The former ski olympic champion Fritz Strobl🏃‍♂️💪 You want to run with him? Join our Team now!
WOW! WE REACHED 100 MEMBERS 😍 Thanks for your support!
You want to meet and chat with the official Pacemaker 2019? Join the team and come to the Salomon & Suunto area! We are looking forward seeing you there!
The VIE RUN club of Vienna will join and lead our team for the first kilometers! They will cheer us on and will put our motivation to the next level! So happy to have them in our team!


Alexander Eppacher
Alexander Eppacher Wien €60.00
Alexandra Schwaninger
Alexandra Schwaninger Wien €50.00
Alwin Saraswat
Alwin Saraswat Wien €50.00
Alyson Renvoisé
Alyson Renvoisé App Run Orleans €25.00
Andrea Wolfschütz
Andrea Wolfschütz Wien €60.00
Andrea Wagner
Andrea Wagner München €39.00
Andrea Bohaumilitzky
Andrea Bohaumilitzky Wien €50.00
Andrea Schwab
Andrea Schwab Wien €50.00
Andreas Seidl
Andreas Seidl Wien €50.00
Andreas Lukas
Andreas Lukas App Run €20.00
Andreas Dürr
Andreas Dürr München €49.00
Andreas Stampf
Andreas Stampf Wien €50.00
Andreas Furian
Andreas Furian Wien €70.00
Angela Kanisch
Angela Kanisch München €39.00
Barbara Grill
Barbara Grill Wien €50.00
Barbara  Danek
Barbara Danek Wien €50.00
Beate Gerlach
Beate Gerlach Wien €60.00
Beate Mautner
Beate Mautner Wien €50.00
Belinda Leopold
Belinda Leopold Wien €50.00
Bernd Brenner
Bernd Brenner München €50.00
Bianca Seidl
Bianca Seidl Wien €50.00
Brigitte Meßner
Brigitte Meßner Wien €50.00
Bruno Dürnberger
Bruno Dürnberger Wien €50.00
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