Canadians Running for Those Who Can't

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Our Story

Join us in our mission of completing 5,500km across Canada on Sunday, May 5th.

Together, Mike Shaw (Vancouver), Andrew Cho (Vancouver), Josh Dueck (Vernon), Ryan Straschinitzki (Calgary), Pauly Plewa (Dunnville), TeamSmiles (London), Kevin Rempel (Toronto), Rob MacDonald (Toronto), Ben Leclair (Montreal), Connor Hirtle (Halifax), Erin Saari (Halifax) and myself, Jim Mullan (Halifax) have formed #TeamCoast2Coast and will be leading a series of Organized App Runs across the country, allowing Canadians to contribute towards our objective.

Donate here, or be a part of our team by registering below.
Each km you complete, will go towards our 5,550km target.

• #TeamCoast2Coast VANCOUVER – Mike Shaw & Andrew Cho & Vancouver Run Co.
• #TeamCoast2Coast VERNON - Josh Dueck
• #TeamCoast2Coast CALGARY – Ryan Straschnitzki
• #TeamCoast2Coast DUNNVILLE– Pauly Plewa
• #TeamCoast2Coast LONDON– Team Smiles
• #TeamCoast2Coast TORONTO – Kevin Rempel & Robert MacDonald
• #TeamCoast2Coast MONTREAL – Ben LeClair
• #TeamCoast2Coast HALIFAX – Jim Mullan, Connor Hirtle and Erin Saari

The Wings for Life World Run is a truly unique and global race for both runners and wheelchair participants. Instead of a finish line, competitors race side by side to keep ahead of the virtual Catcher Car. Now in its sixth year, on May 5, 2019 Wings for Life World Run participants in Canada can also run together across Canada. Meet up with your friends, download the Wings for Life World Run App and join all the other people running until the virtual Catcher Car catches you of course. The race starts at exactly 11:00 UTC. The virtual Catcher Car takes off 30 minutes after the start at 15km/h and steadily increases its speed until the last athletes have been caught. 100% of all donations and the entry fees go directly into spinal cord research projects.


Adam Moffat
Adam Moffat App Run Toronto €20.56
Adam Coulter
Adam Coulter App Run Vancouver €20.51
Adriana Wild
Adriana Wild App Run Calgary €22.09
Adrienne Scott
Adrienne Scott App Run €20.60
Agata Hewett
Agata Hewett App Run Montreal €29.57
Alex Herron
Alex Herron App Run Vancouver €20.38
Alexis Hranchuk
Alexis Hranchuk App Run Montreal €25.08
Allan Domzalski
Allan Domzalski App Run Dunnville €20.53
Allison McLeod
Allison McLeod App Run London €24.97
Allysha Cordeiro
Allysha Cordeiro App Run Calgary €20.47
Amanda LeBlanc
Amanda LeBlanc App Run Halifax €20.28
Amanda Fireman
Amanda Fireman App Run Toronto €20.40
Amber Legacy
Amber Legacy App Run €20.51
Amy Baker
Amy Baker App Run Halifax €29.57
Amy Burton
Amy Burton App Run Vancouver €20.51
Anca Matei
Anca Matei App Run Halifax €20.53
Andra Brigmohan
Andra Brigmohan App Run Toronto €29.34
Andrew Cho
Andrew Cho App Run Vancouver €20.25
Andrew Mangan
Andrew Mangan App Run Berlin €20.65
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant App Run Halifax €20.60
Andrew Fast
Andrew Fast App Run Calgary €20.05
Andrew Millard
Andrew Millard App Run Toronto €20.51
Andrew Barski
Andrew Barski App Run Dunnville €109.80
Andrew Sabarre
Andrew Sabarre App Run Vancouver €20.51