Mission to the Moon
Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon

We aim to reach the distance to the Moon with the team

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Our Story

True to our motto “Space belongs to everyone” we, the PTScientists, are inviting the world to join us not only on our Mission to the Moon but also on the Wings for Life run for those who can’t.
Help us to collect donations for a good cause that will reach the distance from Berlin to the Moon!


Adriaen Van Camp
Adriaen Van Camp App Run €20.00
Amrei Rolof
Amrei Rolof App Run €25.00
Antonia Bonk
Antonia Bonk App Run €20.00
Audi lunar quattro
Audi lunar quattro App Run €20.00
Chaitanya Gopal
Chaitanya Gopal App Run €20.00
Eric Reinthal
Eric Reinthal App Run €20.00
Florian Neugebauer
Florian Neugebauer App Run €20.00
Henry Schütz
Henry Schütz App Run €20.00
Heye Groß
Heye Groß App Run €20.00
Jakob Lexow
Jakob Lexow App Run Berlin €20.00
Jesse Eyer
Jesse Eyer App Run €20.00
Leon Knauer
Leon Knauer App Run €20.00
Lukas Steindorf
Lukas Steindorf App Run €25.00
Margaryta Molibozhenko
Margaryta Molibozhenko App Run €20.00
Markus Mooslechner
Markus Mooslechner München €64.00
Nadine Smolka
Nadine Smolka App Run €22.00
Nils Montenegro
Nils Montenegro App Run €20.00
Pius Durrer
Pius Durrer App Run €20.00
Robert Boehme
Robert Boehme App Run €30.00
Roman Court
Roman Court App Run €20.00
Sören Heizmann
Sören Heizmann App Run €20.00
Tanja Kaiser
Tanja Kaiser App Run €20.00
Torsten Kriening
Torsten Kriening App Run €25.00
Vincent Delayat
Vincent Delayat App Run €20.00
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