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Our Story

This is Google Germany's team for the Wings For Life World Run 2018.
On May 6, 2018 we will run with the world for those who can't and represent our Google GFit community at the WfLWR event in Munich. Team founder and contact person: christophw@ (Christoph Walter, Performance Specialist & GFit Manager Google Munich)


Alberto Elizondo
Alberto Elizondo München €43.00
Alexander Faxå
Alexander Faxå München €39.00
Andreas Eckleder
Andreas Eckleder München €70.00
Anna Staber
Anna Staber München €39.00
Bohdan Pryshchenko
Bohdan Pryshchenko München €43.00
Buyu Xiao
Buyu Xiao München €39.00
Catherine Lacavera
Catherine Lacavera München €80.00
Christian Wagenmann
Christian Wagenmann München €39.00
Christian Czekay
Christian Czekay München €39.00
Christoph Walter
Christoph Walter München €39.00
Christopher Wolf
Christopher Wolf München €39.00
Clemens Hammacher
Clemens Hammacher München €39.00
Daniel Cali
Daniel Cali München €49.00
David Byrne
David Byrne München €39.00
Dennis Morgenstern
Dennis Morgenstern München €93.00
Edman Paes dos Anjos
Edman Paes dos Anjos München €39.00
Eric St. Gemme
Eric St. Gemme München €50.00
Eszter Adam
Eszter Adam München €43.00
Ewa Duerr
Ewa Duerr München €39.00
Fabian Müller
Fabian Müller München €39.00
Felipe Lora
Felipe Lora München €36.00
Fratz Harald
Fratz Harald München €50.00
Ganesh Shankar
Ganesh Shankar München €43.00
Ina Fuchs
Ina Fuchs München €39.00