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Lalor Running Club

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Our Story

Whether you want to participate in local fun runs, improve your fitness, lose weight or start running for the first time, LRC is the group for you.

The group is designed for beginner and intermediate runners, joggers and walkers.

It is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing social support and friendship in a non-competitive supportive environment.


Only 9 days to go team LRC ....


Alison Gyles
Alison Gyles Melbourne €29.34
Ashish Bansal
Ashish Bansal Melbourne €29.34
Brian Lam
Brian Lam Melbourne €35.86
Ciaran Carberry
Ciaran Carberry Melbourne €29.34
Crux Bullock
Crux Bullock Melbourne €35.86
Heidi Powell
Heidi Powell Melbourne €32.60
Jade Evans
Jade Evans Melbourne €42.38
Jamie Parris
Jamie Parris Melbourne €29.34
Joshua Presser
Joshua Presser Melbourne €35.86
Kathleen Dullaghan
Kathleen Dullaghan Melbourne €32.60
Kaz Agnew
Kaz Agnew Melbourne €29.34
Kirsty Branagan
Kirsty Branagan Melbourne €29.34
Melissa Flentjar
Melissa Flentjar Melbourne €29.34
Narelle Celic
Narelle Celic Melbourne €35.86
Nicole Hoffman
Nicole Hoffman Melbourne €29.34
Nikki Alvey
Nikki Alvey Melbourne €42.38
Paul Tait
Paul Tait Melbourne €29.34
Paul Radovic
Paul Radovic Melbourne €29.34
Renee Golland
Renee Golland Melbourne €42.38
Rob Reeves
Rob Reeves Melbourne €29.34
Sarah MacRaild
Sarah MacRaild Melbourne €39.12
Sharon Hughes
Sharon Hughes Melbourne €35.86
Shiralee Lubke
Shiralee Lubke Melbourne €39.12
Tim Baldwin
Tim Baldwin Melbourne €32.60