Judo team Fuji
Judo team Fuji

Judo team Fuji

I move 4 Fuji

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Our Story

Judo club for people with disabilities “Fuji” was founded in August of 2012 and is the first of its kind in Croatia. The club gathers children and young people whose diagnoses include, but are not limited to cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities (special needs), motor impairments and autism spectrum disorders.
With the formation of our club a place was created where disabled children can experience all the benefits of training, but also a place where they can sense feelings of belonging and security. This is a place where no one tries to segregate them based on their disability, where they are all equal and where their effort is rewarded with continuous progress.

Our slogan is “I move 4 Fuji” since some of our members can’t walk and will take a part in this race in wheelchairs. We’re inviting you to support this great movement as well as our team! Join us!


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Drago Malešević Zadar €16.13
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Fran Matija Krasnić Zadar €16.13
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Goran Siuc Zadar €26.88
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Igor Tihi Zadar €21.50
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Ines Bičanić Zadar €16.13
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Ivan Sušanj Zadar €16.13
Ivana -Vrbat
Ivana -Vrbat App Run €12.00
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