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Our Story

Landis+Gyr helps people, organizations and communities around the globe to ‘manage energy better’. Our 6,000 employees all over the world share the collective goal to make our planet a more sustainable place with our solutions and day-to-day work. But we do more than that. We actively contribute to numerous community projects and charities globally. Wings for Life perfectly matches our company culture and is an expression of our engagement as a corporate citizen. We are proud to run for those who can’t!


Adéla Fayadová
Adéla Fayadová App Run Prague €15.00
Adrian Fonseca
Adrian Fonseca App Run Reynosa €9.41
Alexandra Stathatos
Alexandra Stathatos App Run Sydney €16.30
Amc Thieullen
Amc Thieullen App Run €22.00
Ana Julia Gamez Rey
Ana Julia Gamez Rey App Run Reynosa €9.41
Anders Jakobsson
Anders Jakobsson Zug €48.45
Andre Andrade
Andre Andrade App Run €12.45
Andrew Halliday
Andrew Halliday App Run €11.08
Andy Marshall
Andy Marshall App Run Atlanta €42.57
Aniket Marathe
Aniket Marathe App Run Atlanta €23.13
Arne Kobbernagel
Arne Kobbernagel App Run Copenhagen €30.00
Barry O'Sullivan
Barry O'Sullivan Zug €56.88
Beat Iseli
Beat Iseli App Run Prague €15.00
Blanca irene Maya islas
Blanca irene Maya islas App Run Reynosa €9.41
Boris Pyka
Boris Pyka App Run €20.00
Brenda Fuentes
Brenda Fuentes App Run Reynosa €9.41
Bruno Benedetti
Bruno Benedetti Zug €70.47
Caleb Gordon
Caleb Gordon App Run Sydney €16.30
Catherine Ingersoll
Catherine Ingersoll App Run €22.12
Christoph Amlacher
Christoph Amlacher Wien €50.00
Chrystelle Muratel
Chrystelle Muratel Zug €48.45
Cibele Castro
Cibele Castro App Run Atlanta €12.37
Claudia Carreon
Claudia Carreon App Run Reynosa €9.41
claudia vicencio
claudia vicencio App Run Reynosa €9.41