Woody Foundation - #TeamTWF
Woody Foundation - #TeamTWF

Woody Foundation - #TeamTWF

#TeamTWF - If You Want to Go Fast Go Alone, If You Want to Go Far Go Together

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Our Story

On January 29, 2011, James “Woody” Beckham was seriously injured during a tackle while playing rugby for Florida Atlantic University in a game against the University of Miami. Woody, then just 22 sustained a complete cervical spinal cord injury that rendered him paralyzed from the chest down. After being successfully operated on by Dr. Michael Wang of Jackson Memorial Hospital’s world-renowned neurological team, Woody began his recovery process. He healed rapidly in ICU and Acute Care where he was transferred to Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital as an inpatient for two months.

Woody now lives in Coconut Grove and receives outpatient physical therapy weekly. He works at the South Florida Center for Independent Living and helps people on a daily basis. Beckham regularly attends sporting events with his family and friends, which is his true passion.

The Miami-based Beckham family along with friends formed the Woody Foundation, Inc., soon after the accident to giveaway free Woody Packs, increase awareness and raise funds for paralysis and other disabilities. The Woody Foundation has four annual events which support various groups/organizations who's mission aligns with their own.

Our mission is to transform the quality of life of those living with paralysis and their caregivers.


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