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Our Story

We are „Simply the Best“ when it comes to Industrial and Medical Gases, but we don’t want just to be the best in this field. We want to be the best at having fun and doing something good at the same time.

We are the best in bringing positive impact in our communities and to those who are in the need. We run to create a culture of empathy and build a movement for cultural transformation all over the world.

So! Do not think about it, register yourself and join our team. Search for the event location in your region!
The more people we activate, the more donations and the more people we help! Let's go!


alberto cervantes
alberto cervantes App Run €9.41
Alexander Stubinitzky
Alexander Stubinitzky München €49.00
Alper Balibeyoglu
Alper Balibeyoglu App Run Istanbul European Side €10.00
Balazs Major
Balazs Major App Run €15.00
brenda martinez
brenda martinez App Run €9.41
Christian Scharlach
Christian Scharlach München €39.00
Christoph Woehler
Christoph Woehler München €70.00
dagoberto ochoa
dagoberto ochoa App Run €9.41
Daniel Sliž
Daniel Sliž App Run Zilina €25.00
Didi Strasser
Didi Strasser Wien €50.00
Eugenia Sochorovska
Eugenia Sochorovska App Run Prague €15.00
Filip Mooc
Filip Mooc App Run Zilina €15.00
Franz Malcher
Franz Malcher München €49.00
Gilberto Zamora
Gilberto Zamora App Run €9.41
Gonzalo Restrepo
Gonzalo Restrepo App Run €20.00
guadalupe robles
guadalupe robles App Run €9.41
gustavo moreno
gustavo moreno App Run €9.41
Ionut Cristian CIUBOTARU
Ionut Cristian CIUBOTARU App Run €40.00
Irina Vydaiko
Irina Vydaiko App Run €35.00
Jakub Demel
Jakub Demel App Run Zilina €15.00
Jan Konečný
Jan Konečný App Run Zilina €15.00
JanJulian PavelEric
JanJulian PavelEric App Run Prague €20.00
Jessica von Dahlen
Jessica von Dahlen München €60.00
Jitka Doudová
Jitka Doudová App Run €15.00