“Rally around St.Pete, get money for the cure!”

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Our Story

Team Captain Doug Cossey - "It's very simple for me to explain why the Wings For Life World Run is near and dear to my heart. As a former Freestyle Motocross Pro and Ex-Amateur MX Racer, I've seen more spinal cord injuries than anyone should ever have to witness. Watching action sports athletes that have dedicated their entire lives to pursuing their one true passion, only to have it all snatched away in a moment’s notice is one of the most horrible things that I've personally ever seen. Although I haven't had to contend with the feelings of hopelessness and trepidation someone with a severe spinal cord injury or their family must endure, I have had many severe injuries, 18 broken bones, and countless surgeries from MX crashes. I've also personally witnessed nearly 10 friends lose their lives or ability to walk due to an injury, most of which were spinal cord related. I think my experiences, and the ones we've all witnessed within the action sports community have given us a heightened sense of empathy and urgency towards this issue. Let's translate that desire to help injured athletes into something tangible by raising money through this amazing event.

If there's any small thing we can do to move that rock up the proverbial hill of understanding spinal cord injury and repair, we must do it. I've participated in the app run several times before, but this year is an even BIGGER opportunity to have an even GREATER impact! I want the action sports community that's so vibrant around Tampa/St.Pete to come together, rally around St. Pete, and get money for the cure! Please join, donate, cheer, rally, do whatever you can do to help! Just please do something, because the great spinal cord research strides being made cannot continue without your help. Remember, 100% OF THE ENTRY FEE GOES TO SPINAL CORD RESEARCH!!


Thank everyone for donating. I think team #BULLSONPARADE did an amazing job. THANK YOU!!!
Past $1500! Let’s get to 2K!
Just crossed the $1000 threshold!! Let's keep it going!!!


Alex Mills
Alex Mills App Run €20.65
Alexander Tyson
Alexander Tyson App Run St. Pete €20.51
Ben Browning
Ben Browning App Run St. Pete €20.58
Beverly Griffith
Beverly Griffith App Run St. Pete €20.45
Bianca Bowan
Bianca Bowan App Run St. Pete €20.40
Bobby Wiley
Bobby Wiley App Run St. Pete €20.53
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill App Run St. Pete €20.53
Brian Deegan
Brian Deegan App Run €20.65
Brittney Maddox
Brittney Maddox App Run St. Pete €22.09
Brooke Belton
Brooke Belton App Run St. Pete €20.42
Chloe Cote
Chloe Cote App Run St. Pete €20.58
Chris Cordone
Chris Cordone App Run St. Pete €20.42
Derek Hill
Derek Hill App Run St. Pete €20.53
Devon Stubbings
Devon Stubbings App Run St. Pete €20.61
Doug Cossey
Doug Cossey App Run St. Pete €20.53
Doug Grindstaff
Doug Grindstaff App Run St. Pete €20.53
Drew Hill
Drew Hill App Run St. Pete €20.53
Gina Cossey
Gina Cossey App Run €22.27
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith App Run St. Pete €20.58
Jason Fulghum
Jason Fulghum App Run €20.61
Jess Leirer
Jess Leirer App Run St. Pete €20.51
John Duffy
John Duffy App Run St. Pete €29.53
John Smith
John Smith App Run St. Pete €20.53
Kat Cossey
Kat Cossey App Run St. Pete €20.53