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Our Story

Dear family & friends,

Guess what? We will be returning to Sunrise, FL next month to participate in the Wings for Life race to promote advancement in spinal cord research. As most of you know, this cause is quite personal to us and we would appreciate your help in achieving our fundraising goal.

We can all benefit from the progress made in research, because a spinal cord injury can happen to anyone of us. More than 6 years ago, Ben was diagnosed with a rare vascular tumor in his thoracic spine which required immediate major surgery. A few weeks into his rehabilitation and after making strong progress back to his feet, he suffered unexpected complications which resulted in T4 paralysis. We’ve come a long way since that time; however, Ben is still dependent on a wheelchair. Needless to say, we feel passionately about this cause as we have a firsthand understanding of the importance for spinal cord research.

This global race serves as a key milestone since that life-changing day and we look forward to uniting with others around the world who hold the belief that we can make strong progress in medical research. Thank you for your support!


Benjamin Elliott
Benjamin Elliott Sunrise, FL €44.18
Jennifer Elliott
Jennifer Elliott Sunrise, FL €44.52
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John ONeill Sunrise, FL €57.95
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Katie Elliott Sunrise, FL €21.42
Ornela Vazquez Rivera
Ornela Vazquez Rivera App Run €7.97