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Our Story

We are very excited to enter this race for the 5th year in a row! We want continue the world team dominance as we've done in previous year. Team World Rankings 2015 14th, 2016 6th, 2017 12th and 2018 12th. We are also very excited that two time winner Ana Maria Villegas (Sunrise 2017 & Australia 2018) will be running with us this year... Join the iRun Army and lets run for those who can't!!! Thank you for your support to us and this great cause.


Alberto Navarro
Alberto Navarro Sunrise, FL €25.70
Alejandro Parra
Alejandro Parra Sunrise, FL €21.42
Alicia Procter Garcia
Alicia Procter Garcia Sunrise, FL €58.01
Amerly Centeno
Amerly Centeno Sunrise, FL €21.42
Amy Chu
Amy Chu Sunrise, FL €21.42
ana villegas
ana villegas Sunrise, FL €21.42
ana cadreche
ana cadreche Sunrise, FL €21.42
Ana Paula Murguia
Ana Paula Murguia Sunrise, FL €21.42
Anahi Amado
Anahi Amado Sunrise, FL €21.42
Andrea Prado
Andrea Prado Sunrise, FL €34.28
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez Sunrise, FL €34.28
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Sunrise, FL €21.42
Andrew Juska
Andrew Juska Sunrise, FL €21.42
Andrew Cortez
Andrew Cortez Sunrise, FL €21.42
Angelica Beltran
Angelica Beltran Sunrise, FL €21.42
Anibal Pena
Anibal Pena Sunrise, FL €21.42
Anika Arevalo
Anika Arevalo Sunrise, FL €21.42
Antuanet Ruiz
Antuanet Ruiz Sunrise, FL €21.42
Arturo Beltroy
Arturo Beltroy Sunrise, FL €21.42
Asriele Stubbs
Asriele Stubbs Sunrise, FL €58.30
Aurelys Irizarry
Aurelys Irizarry Sunrise, FL €21.42
Ayenza Matthews
Ayenza Matthews Sunrise, FL €71.14
Bernardo Perez
Bernardo Perez Sunrise, FL €21.42
Camila Espinoza
Camila Espinoza Sunrise, FL €21.42