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Our Story

We are a group of women from across the world who have a spinal cord injury. We spend much time doing our best to support medical research that will allow us to walk again and to live a really independent life. We Fight together for a Reversal for Paralysis! Cure Girls campaign for a cure for chronic Spinal Cord injury and also organise fundraising initiatives to support research for a cure for paralysis . Our Message is: "Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Must Become Curable!"


alessandro mangia
alessandro mangia Milano - 2016 M35
Andrea Santone
Andrea Santone Milano - 2016 M35
Antony Mack
Antony Mack Milano - 2016 M50
Arcangela Stefanetti
Arcangela Stefanetti Milano - 2016 F45
Barbara Bucci
Barbara Bucci Milano - 2016 F35
Cristina Mensi
Cristina Mensi Milano - 2016 F35
Demetrio Prestileo
Demetrio Prestileo Milano - 2016 M40
Fabiano Casarin
Fabiano Casarin Milano - 2016 M35
giacomo pazienza
giacomo pazienza Milano - 2016 M45
Giacomo Casartelli
Giacomo Casartelli Milano - 2016 M35
Gianni Frigerio
Gianni Frigerio Milano - 2016 M40
Giovanni Longo
Giovanni Longo Milano - 2016 M60
Giovanni Pieragostino
Giovanni Pieragostino Milano - 2016 M35
giuliana villa
giuliana villa Milano - 2016 F50
Irene Di Marco
Irene Di Marco Milano - 2016 F30
Jennifer Pasqualetto
Jennifer Pasqualetto Brasilia - 2016 F18
leonilde tresca
leonilde tresca Milano - 2016 F35
Loredana Longo
Loredana Longo Milano - 2016 F30
Lorraine Mack
Lorraine Mack Milano - 2016 F40
Luca Gualini
Luca Gualini Milano - 2016 M50
Luca Zioni
Luca Zioni Milano - 2016 M40
marco federici
marco federici Milano - 2016 M50
Marina Catalina Dobocan
Marina Catalina Dobocan Milano - 2016 F30
Marisa Nuciari
Marisa Nuciari Milano - 2016 F55
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