Take the Team Run Challenge

Prove your team is the best in the world by bringing everyone together and running for those who can’t.

What do actors, endurance runners, world champions and Formula 1 drivers have in common at the Wings for Life World Run? Yes – they’ve all created their own teams. They want to share their passion for running for this global event with as many people as possible.

But you don’t need to be famous! You and your friends can team up as well. Now is the time to run with and against friends and family, work mates, school mates and club mates, whether they are in the same town, city, country or continent or not.

Reason to Run

Maybe you just want the fun of running in a team or maybe you have a friend with spinal cord injury. Build a team and share your reason to run with as many people as possible and get them to run alongside you, wherever they are in the world.

Who is the boss?

The Team Run result list confirms undeniably who is the best. After the Catcher Car ends the race, you’ll know

  • Who ran furthest in your team
  • Your team’s combined kilometers
  • Your team’s average kilometers

So employees, challenge your bosses. Bosses, show your employees what you’re made of. Sport teams, challenge your fans. And fans take on your icons. This is boy band versus boy band. College versus university. Football versus hockey.

Time to face your rivals at the Wings for Life World Run and raise money for spinal cord injury.

Are you a student? Join your university's team!

If you’re a student, check out the many university teams (starting with @Uni) and join yours. Bonus: Besides representing your school, by running on your university team you’ll automatically be entered in the global University Challenge.

Among all the students participating on university teams worldwide, the sole man and woman who run the furthest before being caught – by the Catcher Car at an event location or by the App’s Virtual Catcher Car – will win a special prize. 

University teams from around the world are uniting in this challenge, so the two global Student University Challenge winners will each be able to choose the 2018 Wings for Life World Run event location where he/she will run next year, with travel, hotel and entry fee covered.  

(As always in the Wings for Life World Run, good sportsmanship and fairness will be strictly enforced. To be eligible to win, you must observe the rules and be an active student at the school whose team you joined. Compliance will be checked before the prize is awarded.)


Register for a Wings for Life World Run location Hit Set up a team Set your team to public (so anyone can join) or private (so you can choose who joins your team) Share your reason to run Invite your friends and family, colleagues and club mates to join your team.


Register for the Wings for Life World Run Go to the Team Run page Search for the team you want join or the celebrity you’d like to run for Tell everyone you’ve joined the team

The one and only fine print

The Team Run challenge for people running in one of the locations worldwide and people using the Wings for Life World Run app who chose their own start line. Let’s go – create or join a team and tell as many people as possible, because yes – size does matter in this case.