1000 Miles Run Club
1000 Miles Run Club

1000 Miles Run Club

A Thousand Miles Begin with a Single Step

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Our Story

We are a worldwide group comprising many run clubs' great runners with a goal of reaching 1000 miles in a calendar year. With a Facebook and Instagram following of over 9000, our group's main purpose is motivating and inspiring each other through each runner's posts and pictures of his or her personal journey to and quest for the Promised Land. You can find us on Facebook group by searching for "Run 1000 Miles Challenge," and on Instagram @1000milesrunclub.


Adolfo Salgueiro
Adolfo Salgueiro Sunrise, FL €25.70
Adriana Peralta
Adriana Peralta Sunrise, FL €21.42
Alan Blanco
Alan Blanco Sunrise, FL €21.42
Alan Miller
Alan Miller Sunrise, FL €21.42
Albert Lorie
Albert Lorie Sunrise, FL €21.42
Alejandro Roche
Alejandro Roche Sunrise, FL €21.42
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia Sunrise, FL €21.42
Allison Brizuela
Allison Brizuela Sunrise, FL €21.42
Amy Reyes
Amy Reyes Sunrise, FL €21.42
Angelica Chiru
Angelica Chiru Sunrise, FL €21.42
Angelina Kapala
Angelina Kapala Sunrise, FL €21.42
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas Sunrise, FL €21.42
Anthony Alonso
Anthony Alonso Sunrise, FL €34.99
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Sunrise, FL €21.42
Arturo Diaz
Arturo Diaz Sunrise, FL €34.28
Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian App Run €20.81
Beatriz Saez Nebreda
Beatriz Saez Nebreda Sunrise, FL €34.28
Betsy James
Betsy James Sunrise, FL €21.42
boris milan
boris milan Sunrise, FL €21.42
Brandon Lang
Brandon Lang Sunrise, FL €21.42
Bren Wando
Bren Wando Sunrise, FL €21.42
Brian Vallinas
Brian Vallinas Sunrise, FL €21.42
Candy Oesch
Candy Oesch Sunrise, FL €21.42
Carlos Luongo
Carlos Luongo Sunrise, FL €21.42
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